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God Has Competition

By Brian Tipton | October 9, 2007

A surprising application was made near the end of may that has caught the attention of some. Researchers have filed a patent application with the US Patent Office #20070122826 which is an application for the construction of a new life-form. That’s right. A new, never before in existence, life-form. The abstract reads:

The present invention relates, e.g., to a minimal set of protein-coding genes which provides the information required for replication of a free-living organism in a rich bacterial culture medium, wherein… [science-babble that I find fascinating but would probably bore you]

Why is this interesting? Once life has been “constructed” from the chemicals and amino acids theorized to be present at the big bang, we have a materialist model for the construction of the universe that does not require the existence of God. Do I have your attention now?

So how are Christians supposed to respond? Intelligently and honestly; not like the Catholic Church did with Galileo. Now before we jump to any conclusions, there are a lot of people wondering if they have done what they claim. But, if they have indeed constructed a life from from proteins, etc., they have indeed created ‘life’ at least they have constructed a living organism1 then Christians are going to have to wrestle with this. What does Genesis 1 really prove? What is it really trying to say?

Take a step back…breathe….think…contemplate. For me, this does not rule out God even in the least and doesn’t even shake my faith. A while back, it would have, but not now. Perhaps I will blog more on why this is true in the near future.

What say you?

  1. This may be different from the concept of creating life which may or may not include the methods and components necessary for life.[]

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2 Responses to “God Has Competition”

  1. Gallagher Says:
    October 10th, 2007 at 9:18 am

    WOW! I was unaware, but I will be interested to hear how this progress in the spiritual realm. Since they need a patent for a new life form, is there a patent for a soul?

    Interesting. Thanks for your words.

  2. Rex Says:
    October 19th, 2007 at 6:50 pm

    For growing up in a fundamentalist church, I was never taught growing up that the Genesis creation narrative had to be read as a literal 24/7 account. Having said that, at one time something like this would have raised a lot of skeptical questions. At this point in my life, no way.

    Though I am neither an expert in the field of science nor a Hebrew Scholar, I did write a paper in seminary on the purpose of the creation narrative. Therefore, I believe I can give a pretty reasonable answer that holds the creation narrative (its theological purpose) as true even while coexisting with some of the theoretical claims made by science.

    Interesting post!

    - Rex